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Wave 2 availability

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Hi guys,

one weird thing that maybe someone can answer. I preordered the whole of Wave 2, English version, way back when (in Germany), and I received my conversion kits A LOT later than the German editions shipped, and I still didn't get an A-Wing. It's impossible to get English RZ-2, while the German ones have been in stock since late fall now. The new dials also haven't been shipped yet. Is this situation unique to Germany? Can someone shed some light where this is coming from?

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Here in France the RZ-2 is not even released yet. Don't know what is happening with them but FFG (Asmodee in France) seems to have trouble with the production.

And we are still waiting for wave 1 Tie/ln and Tie/x1 to come out as well.

Patience is key, they said...

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