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Red Castle Games

[Portland, OR] Tournament at Red Castle Games 2/23

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Red Castle Games is hosting an Armada tournament in February!  This is a casual event designed to bring the local Armada community together, help new fans of the game meet other players and give us all an excuse to blow up plastic spaceships for a few hours.  Beginners are absolutely welcome.

Here's everything you need to know:


  • Where?  Red Castle Games
  • What Day?  Saturday, February 23rd
  • What Time?  Check-in starts promptly at 11 AM.
  • How Much?  The entry fee is $10.
  • How Many Players?  Space is limited to 12 participants.

You can preregister at the store or use this link to pay online:  Online Registration

Please bring a 3x6 space-themed playmat if you have one.  Please also bring 2 copies of your fleet list.

400-point fleets.  We will play 2 rounds of Swiss.  Players are guaranteed 2 rounds — there won't be any byes.

Prizes are guaranteed for every player.  I will create a "Prize Wall" of past and current Armada swag for players to choose from.  Last month we had a ton of prizes up for grabs, including an Imperial dice bag and Genera Rieekan promo, as well as Ghost, Boba Fett, TIE Interceptor and Demolisher/Home One alt art cards.  This month's prizes will include an acrylic turn dial and a full bleed GR-75 Medium Transport promo card, among other goodies!

If you have any questions, please contact Matt at events@redcastlegames.com.  See you there!

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1 hour ago, Red Castle Games said:

Totally understandable, @Karneck.  It's quite a haul to Portland for a day of Armada!  I plan on holding monthly tournaments at Red Castle so hopefully we'll see you at our event in March.

As long as it's not during Armada worlds! (Last weekend of March)

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