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Transitioning to 3rd Edition

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A lot of the tiles are sadly underused.

The LotW tilesare not particularly unique, but I think they nicely complete the base set tile art. (It also increases the lava spaces by 166%)

Tile 44 is beautiful, and would make a great centerpiece to a large single encounter quest.

Tile 49b (the diagonal-ish one) has a nice waterfall into some pit spaces.

I love 84b, with the glade in a dungeon open to the sky.

Tile 94b is a very intense tile. I remember gasping when I saw it.

Actually, Chains That Rust has my favorite drab outdoor aesthetic and an unmatched castle tileset.

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21 hours ago, Lightningclaw said:

I agree with the delve. The main reason I rarely play it is I don’t want to spend all that time between stages putting away stuff and getting it out.

Standard play with a quest mixing expansions would not increase setup time significantly (or at all) depending on your personal storage method.

I do get that the delve with it's short stages and inability to look ahead is kind of worst case scenario.

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