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Latari Maximum Firepower (In Theory)

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So, our local Latari player is somewhat new to the game (like the rest of our group) and has struggled with building a force that can dish out damage when needed.  He’s able to build an effective screening force with Scions, etc., but the Archers with their two blue dice just don’t seem to do much.  This list is an attempt to address that.  Any comments are welcome as well.  

Aliana of Summersong 33
Packleader’s Spear 8
Ambush Predator 3
Leonx Riders 30
Moment of Inspiration 5
Metered March 2
Raven Tabards 2
Deepwood Archers 42
Hunter’s Guile 4
Fire Rune 7
Verdant Sorceress 3
Deepwood Archers 30
Hunter’s Guile 4
Fire Rune 7
Greenwatch Herald 3
Aymhelin Scions 14
Vicious Roots 3


The other question here, I guess, is not just the list building, but also the playstyle.  It seems that Latari are design to “stick and move”, so perhaps their damage per attack is lower to reflect that fact.  It just seems like they get steamrolled (at least in our games to date).

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If you’re going to bring two Fire Rune Archers, also being Malcornes.

You mention max damage, but the 2x1 does close to the same as the 2x2 at a 13 points savings, not to mention the costs of upgrades.  You’ll Alwats get more out of the one unit you brought in addition over the 32 points minimum difference.  That’s almost enough for a medium hard hitting unit.  Also one scion will not block for the archers.


leonx and archers can at times clash in a list because they both often want a core to the list that can distract opponents.  Instead one or the other will always have the opponents undivided attention, and sometimes the opponent can hit both.

it looks to me like some of the karate problems you are having is a result of these build choices.

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For damage output, you either go with fire rune and malcorns or tempered steel and faolan.

I've had more luck with faolan.

Faolan with malcornes and etharyon

2x 2tray archers with temper

4 tray leonx with moment of inspiration,  metered march, raven tabards, and aliana summersong

4 tray archer with rally starling, simul orders, dispatch runner rune of corruption

1 scion

Since this list doesnt use runes, malcornes is ourely defensive, totally being used to mess with runes my opponent wants.

Faolan gets archers out of trouble by shifting them out.  And his inspiration helps untap upgrades.  Leonx are the hammer, throwing 5 dice.

The block of 4 archers uses the rally starling to untap the moment on the leonx, and then dispatches them for a second swing.

Archers shoot and temper, scion is just spare points.

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