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Kari’s Scouts

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I haven’t had a chance to really play the Outland Scouts just yet, but after 1 game, I can imagine what Seasoned Pathfinder can do.  My opponent essentially had to surround a piece of terrain to prevent me from running up behind him.  This disrupted his attack and essentially split his force.  I would love to see a list which pushes this concept to the max by having little to none of its forces deployed during the normal setup process.  For now, here’s what I have...


Kari Wraithstalker   32
Fortuna’s DIce   6
Heavy Crossbowmen   27
Rank Discipline   4
Wind Rune   6
Heavy Crossbowmen   27
Rank Discipline   4
Wind Rune   6
Rune Golems   28
Visored Helms   7
Outland Scouts   43
Moment of Inspiration   5
Seasoned Pathfinder   4

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