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Star Castle

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We were chatting on Discord last week about comical list builds with archer units and builds with both the Viper Legion and Ventala were discussed.  I wanted to share my Daqan list with everyone (assuming it hasn’t already been discussed...).

Lord Hawthorne   34
Fortuna’s Dice   6
Sweeping Strikes   5
Heavy Crossbowmen   48
Close Quarters Targeting   3
Fire Rune   7
Baron Zacareth   21
Rune Golem   17
Rune Golem   17
Spearmen   30
Dispatch Runner   7
Aggressive Cornicen   5


It can dish out quite a bit with Baron Z adding a red die to each attack.  If someone tries to charge it, you have Lord H. sitting there on the flank ready to attack and the Spearmen giving them two attacks per round.  For those of you not old enough to remember, there was an old video game from the 80’s called Star Castle.  Don’t laugh, these were the types of games we had back then...

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I tried the crossbow star, and it was alright. 

Lord H isn't bringing a lot to this game, you can get better punching for 45 points;

4 tray cav with raven tabards, moment of inspiration and tempered steel is 44, and punches a lot harder than Lord H.

For 47 points, you can get 6 trays of pathfinders with a seasoned pathfinder.  That would be pretty scary to have coming in on a flank.

IMO, if you aren't using "Lessons of Seragant" you are most likely better off without Hawthorn.


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