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An Ode to the return of SOTL, as re-imagined through the narration of Morgan Freeman

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"Get busy listin', or get busy flyin'." That's Porg-**** right. For the first time in my life on the X-wing forums, I am guilty of committing an act. Profile stalking. Of course, I doubt he'll toss up any follower blocks for that. Not for a scrub like me...
I find I'm so lost without his insights, I can barely file my new plastic Heroic card in my freshly purchased Mynock binder, or hold an aged 1.0 B-Wing with its one remaining undamaged cannon left in my trembling hand with confidence. I think it's the loneliness only a true Scum & Villainy player can feel, a former Starviper fan at the start of a long Hyperspace season whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it to Atlanta for the System Open. I hope to see his caustic posts about how Boba is still really good, or that Leia crew is undercosted, and shake his hand at a championship where I go 1-5. I hope to see that his next blog, some three months later and rife with validation or condemnation of the recent points adjustment, is as detailed and rich with analysis as it has been in my past favorite posts of his.
I hope. 

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28 minutes ago, Hiemfire said:

How the D'qar match go?

Thanks for asking brother. I won the tournament. 3-0. Wound up going with FCS Afterburners SFG Quickdraw, SFG Backdraft, Scorch and Longshot, all with Fanatical and 10 point bid. I think I just like having at least 4 ships in a list now. They hit hard too. I'm sold heavily on Fanatical. It was a game changer in every game and the 3 practice matches I played on Wednesday too. 

The Thematic variant is fun. Highly recommend it for people wanting a change of pace. It creates a mini meta of its own. Good place for new players to learn how a meta works, and what elements to consider. 



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1 hour ago, kraedin said:

What happened to SOTL? Banned? Quit?

Been quiet nearly 2 months. No blog since last fall. I fear he got burned out. 

Bloody shame, game is the most diverse and balanced its ever been. Bet he'd like it alot more now. 

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