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Solo play

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1 hour ago, LexMajor said:

Just put in a turn limit and/or “dummy player” (a la Mage Knight) and you’re set.

Are you saying you think that's how it will be implemented? Because the game says it supports solo play, but we have no details yet on how that's done. I'd like it to be something like getting caught by the Hutts, Syndicate, Rebels, or Imperials, but if that's possible, then player elimination is also possible in 2-4 player games, and that is often frowned upon these days. But my guess is that you're probably right about it being

a time limit.

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I'd prefer a turn limit or even a possible way to get captured... or both... (if you are captured you waste turns and loose).

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On 2/10/2019 at 9:01 PM, Theldyrn said:

It's probably some form of Automa (card stack acting as a player), as is regularly seen in Stonemaier's games.

I hope it is more than that.

Automa is a great word for absolutely .... nothing really. In times where intelligent solo games exist like LotR, AH LCG,s, Terraforming Mars or John Butterfield games... placing a dumb pawn at a random place (as seen in Viticulture) is not the best design in what is supposed to be a story telling thematic game like Star Wars.

For me personally, I weed out all games without a decent solo mode these days. Too many choices and too little time to invest in non playable (or boring) solo experiments.

I can understand youngsters that want to have highly competitive collectable or expansive games, but this gamer has seen it all and ... believe me ... the ONLY games with a reasonable long life expectation are the solo designs (which you can still play long after production ceased).

No decent solo play, no longer a purchase. Simple.

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