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What have you bought to convert 1.0 to 2.0?

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What have you bought to convert 1.0 into 2.0?


1x Core Set (never gonna use those 3 ships included in the starter)

1x Scum Conversion Kit

1x Lando's Falcon (The price you have to pay to get Han Gunner and escape shuttle)

1/2 of a Rebel Conversion Kit (The price you have to pay to get the Moldy Crow Title)

1x Mining Guild Tie

1x Quadjumper (still good after points adjustment but was a must have before points changed)

... I play exclusively scum only so didn't bother with Imperials, Resistance or First Order.


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All 5 conversion kits, 3 T-65 X-Wings, the Core set, 4 T-70 X-Wings, 4 RZ-2 A-Wings, Lando's Falcon. I play mostly Rebel and Resistance, but my friends play Scum and Imperial/First Order when I have them over to play.

Republic and CIS is gonna make things interesting.

EDIT - I forgot all about the Mining Guild TIEs! Got two of those yellow pests

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Only counting stuff I got for conversion components (not stuff I got for actual ships):

Starter Set (already had 5 X-Wings and like 12 TIEs)

Rebel, Imperial, Scum, Resistance, First Order conversion kits.

Saw's Renegades (which I'd skipped in 1e out of... I dunno... spite?  I already had two U-Wings and enough X-Wings and didn't want to buy cardboard.  But I wanted a 4th X-Wing Dial)

Singletons: Phantom, x1, U-Wing, K-Wing, and Starviper components at a FLGS for $5 each.

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Starter set, Scum conversion kit, Empire conversion kit, 2 Fang Fighters, 4 Y-wings (love the new sculpt!), Lando's Falcon, Slave 1 and a few bits from the Rebel Conversion kit (ARC-170's, HWK's and a U-wing conversion)

If they count:  3 Saw's Renegades and 1 TIE Reaper.

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I purchased a total of four conversion kits, one required to use each of my ships I already owned (Rebels, Empire, Scum, First Order). I traded my 1.0 t70s for extra FOs so I could maximize that conversion kit (plus I really don’t care for the Resistance much - in 1.0 the only t70 I flew often was Poe so it made sense for me to pick FO over Resistance).

Then I got the 2.0 core set.

Also bought Saw’s Renegades and Reaper back during 1.0 and kept the 2.0 components of course.

Picked up a new Ywing because the model looked so much better, and I only had one Rebel and one Scum 1.0 ywing. Picked up a Fang because I could.

Lastly, as a Scum first player I picked up Lando’s Falcon, and 2x mining Ties.

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I don't want to admit to it, but:

1x Core Set
2x Rebel Conversion Kit
2x Scum Conversion Kit
1x Imperial Conversion Kit
1x Resistance Conversion Kit
1x Lando's Falcon
3x Saw's Renegaes
1x T-65 X-wing
3x T-70 Xwing
2x Resistance A-Wing
6x Mining Guild TIE

Edit: And outside of FFG Products

  • Slingpaint Tokens
  • New carrying case
  • Highbridge Tray & Templates
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I received the rebel and imperial conversion kits and a core set as gifts.

I'm debating picking up the resistance and first order conversion kits, but they seem pretty expensive given how little of the new trilogy stuff I own.  (2 T70s, three ties, a tie sf, aresistance bomber, a tie silencer, and i think that's it).  Maybe if they go on sale.





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Pre-ordered, bought and then sold the Core set just so I could get the special damage deck as I didn't want or need any of the templates/dice or ships in there. Then picked up a Rebel conversion kit and been happy flying various different wingmen with my Ghost. So just one conversion kit.


Now that being said the second Clone Wars drops the confederate bank is open and its time to unleash the full fury of my Droid armies... soon...

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I bought both the Imperial and Scum conversion sets, plus the core set for the damage deck (the ships have already been converted into Uglies). I also got a Lando Falcon, 3 Mining Ties, a TIE Reaper, and an extra 2.0 TIE Advanced because it was there.

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Retail Product already Purchased:

  • Core Set
  • 2x Imperial Conversion
  • 2x Rebel Conversion
  • 2x Scum Conversion
  • 1x Resistance Conversion
  • 1x First Order Conversion
  • 2x Saw's Renegades
  • 2x TIE Reaper
  • 1x Lando's Falcon
  • 1x T-65 X-Wing
  • 1x BTL-A4 Y-Wing
  • 1x Firespray
  • 1x Fang Fighter
  • 2x Mining Guild TIE
  • 1x T-70 X-Wing
  • 2x RZ-2 A-Wing


  • 2x Servants of Strife Squad Pack
  • 2x Guardians of the Republic Squad Pack
  • 1x Republic ARC-170
  • 1x Aethersprite
  • 1x Vulture Droid
  • 2x Sith Infiltrator

Ebay conversion pieces (baseplates/pilot cards):

  • 1x Lambda conversion
  • 1x TIE Interceptor conversion
  • 1x Rebel Z-95 conversion
  • 1x Rebel Y-Wing conversion
  • 1x Rebel A-Wing conversion
  • 1x Scum Z-95 conversion
  • 1x Scum Y-Wing conversion
  • 1x Hyperspace Tracking Data upgrade

3rd party stuff:

  • New acrylic template/range ruler set (with lines)
  • New acrylic tokens (charge/calculate/force)
  • Additional carrying case

Still waiting on Resistance/FO dial covers and haven't preordered the ones for Separatist/Republic after the Resistance/FO ones have been delayed so long. Probably getting 2 of each of the new Wave 4 releases, 2 spinny B-Wings, and then will have to debate whether to replace my 3 Silencers with the new sculpt or not. Also keep thinking about buying a second Lando's Falcon as it's the only (set of) ship(s) I don't currently own at least 2 of.

If you really only care about Conversion stuff, I'm sure you can do the math :P

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I got 1 of each with only a few doubles (A-wings, Z-95s, TIE Fighters). Also with many ships spanning multiple factions means in some cases I have 4 ships. There was also the aces pack on epic packs that come with multiple ships. That being said I mostly have spare cardboard from the conversion kits than ships not covered by the cardboard. The only exception would be TIE Fighters but as with now who needs more than 8? Okay I don't have 8 TIE/ln dials, but with the conversion kit, core set and a single expansions I have 7 dials, and about 9-10 models.

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2x rebel kit
2x imperial kit
1x scum kit
2.0 core

I have a few ships that aren't covered but I'll probably just let them go, mostly extra A-wings (I have like nine of them somehow), a kihraxz or two, and a starviper.
I'm mostly caught up on resistance and first order ships thanks to black friday sales but haven't invested in their kits yet.  The price increase for expansions will probably mean I wait for sales for most new content now

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I don't want to admit the full extent of my addiction. :D

But so far there have been several conversion kits and quite a lot of individual extra bits.  And some extra ships bought to make use of all the otherwise left over bits.

I'm still short of 2 Tie Interceptor dials, ship tokens and pilot cards so all 12 can be used as 'Mark 2' interceptors, and at least 6 Scum Z95 base tokens and pilot cards. Plus Tansarii Point Veteran base tokens and pilot cards since the kits lacked enough of these in the first place.

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  • 2x core
  • 2x TIE Advanced x1 (wanted the new paint job)
  • 2x imperial conversion
  • 1x Rebel conversion
  • 1x Scum conversion
  • 1x F/O Conversion

Also traded for some odds and ends.


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I'm behind right now, but so far I have:

  • 2 core boxes
  • 1 of each of the first three conversion kits
  • 1 Saw's Renegades
  • 2 T-65 X-Wing (I had to have 4 with poseable wings!)
  • 1 Firespray (Christmas gift)
  • 1 Lando's Falcon

Once my new job starts in a few weeks, I'm going to grab the other conversion kits and new releases.

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