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Questions about the niman disciple

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On 2/24/2019 at 5:32 PM, penpenpen said:

I'm fairly sure you cant use your force dice on more than a single talent or power per roll, so while you could combine saber swarm and saber throw, you can't combine saber throw and hawkbat swoop.

Meaning that while you can throw a saber with linked, you're dependant on the advantages you getfromthe skill check. Your force pips canonly be used for saber throw.

I'm not sure you understand what was being said.

Maneuver 1 Force leap to medium range

Maneuver 2 Activate Saber Swarm

Action Hawkbat Swoop to long Range.

This is thematic and incredibly lethal.

As opposed to

Maneuver 1 SaberSwarm

Action: Improved Saber Throw to long range

People in the thread are complaining about how broken it would be to combine SaberSwarm with Saber Throw not understanding Force Leap+ Saber Swarm + Hawkbat Swoop is better and honestly thematic as well as cheaper and easier to get. Saberswarm is only extremely lethal when combined with Hawkbat swoop for the extra advantages you can get from Hawkbat Swoop with out those extra advantages its not all that dangerous.

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On 2/18/2019 at 7:41 AM, Decorus said:

The primary job of the GM is to answer the question does this make things fun.

Keep in Mind Force Leap pretty much guarantees an Ataru Player can make it to long range in a single turn.

A combination of Force Leap, Hawkbat Swoop and Saber swarm is just as dangerous as Saber Throw and Saber Swarm.

The latter does have a slight caveat (not sure if it helps or hinders).  Namely that the target is engaged at the end rather than sitting at long range. 

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