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Warlords of the F'Tarq Sector - Rules and OC Conversation

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In answer to a question in the other thread -

The fleets of two players may not REMAIN in the same system This is different to the last game.

When fleets of two players meet, there will be a combat - if both sides have given "no shoot" orders, the combat will have no casualties, but the side with the smaller number of fleet points present MUST retreat.

Retreating means that in the next JUMP phase that fleet must JUMP to another location. If it cannot JUMP it is destroyed.

For Example:

In turn 17 John jumps a fleet to X, and so does Stephanie.

They both have "no shoot" agreements in place, so there are no casualties from the battle.

John's fleet is smaller than Stephanie's, so he must RETREAT. 

In the jump phase of turn 18, John's fleet MUST leave X, or it is destroyed.

So yes, they are both in the same place for a turn, but John's fleet can't interact with the planet (land Ground Forces, etc). He will receive a scout report of the planet's attributes.


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The turn 2 victory objective is:

I have completely destroyed an enemy fleet. 1VP.


I will update the first post of the IC thread with this information.

I will try to make this more obvious going forwards.

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I've gone through PMs and answered questions. I have orders from five players I think. Some folks were waiting on clarifications. I still have one player I'm wrangling with about the end of turn 1...

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