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Expansion 5 Specuation

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In addition to enjoying the game, I use the minis the other Arkham Files games.  So long as we're receiving 1 big & 1 small expansions, we're getting 6 minis each year.  (We're missing 20 of the current Arkham Files investigators, which is 4 small & 3 large expansions.)  That's got me thinking, I believe we're overdue for a small expansion announcement.

  Announcement Release
Core  25 July 2016  04 August 2016
 11 October 2016
 12 January 2017
 21 June 2017 
 9 November 2017
 6 December 2017
 19 April 2018 
 2 July 2018
 29 November 2018


So, in that vein, I am curious as to what we might see coming up.  The expansions we've seen so far include Murder Mystery Parties, the Streets, Museums & Campuses of Arkham, The Silver Twilight Lodge, and a good reason to create the Department of Transportation.  Looking at the original expansions, we had the Great (old one) Outdoors & Dunwich and Mad Laboratories.

Writing in the adventures we've had, I have just noticed a significant lack of an asylum.  I feel this should receive a big-box treatment and thus won't be next, but an Arkham Asylum / St. Mary's Hospital focused expansion would fill me with joy & dread!

What other avenues would you expect or hope to see?

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I think the next expansion will be announced this February and is in the shop in June.

I hope to see in a "big Box" 3 Stories for Mountains of Madness (Lakes Camp (4 Stars, ~180 minutes) and the Elder City (5 Stars, 240 - 300 minutes) and to start a short Crime Mission to prevent a Sabotage of the Expedition (3 Stars, ~120 minutes, can play in Arkham= Base Game +more 2-3 new City titles) and 1 or 2 elder things as monster models..ok its Expansion 6 (Exp6) then.

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