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Cobalt Bomber + RZA Blue + Poe

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i want to bring this Tank, Blocker, Ace to a HS format tournament next Saturday.

Hyperspace P1

(58) Cobalt Squadron Bomber
(6) Veteran Turret Gunner
(2) Fire-Control System
(5) Pattern Analyzer
(8) Perceptive Copilot
Points 79

(32) Blue Squadron Recruit
(3) Intimidation
Points 35

(68) Poe Dameron
(2) R4 Astromech
(0) Integrated S-foils
(1) Heroic
(2) Black One
Points 73

Total points: 187

I have 13 points to spend and these options: 

OP1) Finn(10) on the bomber.

OP2) Proton Torps.(12) on Poe.

OP3) HLC(4) + Afterburners(6) on Poe.

OP4) Proton Rocks.(7) on Poe.

which one do you recommend me? Any other options?  What do you think about the squad?

thanks for comments and fdbck!


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