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Norra and a Redirect: a Star Wars Story

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Ok so here's the scenario:


An ISD has 1 starboard shield, 1 front shield, 0 port and 0 aft.

Norra Wexley is activated and rolls up into the ISD's starboard side (1 shield) and rolls a hit/crit on the black die.


The Imperial player spends the redirect token (and only that token).


My interpretation of results:

-Norra's ability triggers, taking down the Starboard shield to 0

-Redirect damage sends 1 damage to the front shield

-1 damage is remaining, which the ISD suffers to hull (not a crit though, since Norra used her crit for her ability)


My Opponents interpretation of results:

-redirect sends 1 damage to front and 1 damage to side.

-since there are no shields left to take down, Norra's ability is wasted.

-no damage dealt to the ISD.

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From the rules reference (Attack, step 5):


The attacker can resolve one of its critical effects. Then the attacker determines the total damage amount. Then the defending squadron or hull zone suffers that total damage, one point at a time.


Critical effects resolve at the beginning of the “Resolve Damage” step of an attack.

Your interpretation would be right. Norra's effect triggers, removes a shield, and then the defender suffers the damage and can redirect some of it. 

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