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"City of Remembrance", a Legend of the Five Rings Fanzine

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Hello fellow fans of L5R!

You don't see me here very often, but! I've come here to talk about our new L5R fanzine. We are a group of fans and content creators who've come together to create "City of Remembrance", on which we have spent the last year planning. Now that a new L5R edition is out we believe this is the perfect opportunity for its community to showcase some of its projects and celebrate some of their favorite experiences with this game though a zine!

City of Remembrance isn't limited to fan art, we will also feature fiction and game design content! It's entirely non-commercial, non-sponsored and fan-funded. It will also be non-profit! The zine will be available digitally and will be completely free, with the option of throwing a few dollars in if you are so inclined. Any money you throw at the fanzine when acquiring it will ALL be donated to a charity focused on helping the LGBTQ+ community, though we are still looking at our options as we still haven't picked one charity in specific. Any suggestions are welcome.

With that said, we want to focus on inclusion and representation in L5R and want to reach the voices that are often underrepresented to make this their platform. We've already started receiving some wonderful, creative and heartfelt pitches and cannot wait to feature them; we believe in this community and in the best it can offer.

If you love L5R and have something you wish to share with the community, we would love to have you as a collaborator! Not interested in participating but are interested in the idea of a L5R zine? Keep an eye on us!

For more information on the fanzine itself, submitting guidelines and updates, check out @l5rzine2019 on twitter! For any questions you may also DM us through that account OR send us an email directly to l5rzine_2019[at]hotmail[dot]com

Happy gaming and we thank you all for making Rokugan something to everyone!



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