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Old Republic Campaign

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We are looking for another player for our campaign.  It is in the Old Republic during the Jedi Civil War (Right before the Knights of the Old Republic Video Game).  

We are open to other ideas, but first idea was a Mandolorian (possibly force sensitive) that hunted Jedi.  Either in game or before joining discovered that the Sith orchestrated the Mandolorian Wars and were used by the Sith as a test.  Now he or she decides to side with the Jedi and or Republic seeing how his or her people were almost eliminated because of the Sith.  Other ideas are of course an option.  Just not looking for any other lightsaber weilders...at least not for this campaign.  

We play on discord every other week.  Currently we play on Sundays, but might need to change to a weekday.

Message me if interested.


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