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Inspired Chargers

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Prince Faolan [36] 1x1
Malcornes Bequest [6]-
Etharyon of the Ailatar [5]-
Remove Unit [47]
Ventala Skirmishers [30] 2x2
Maegan Cyndewin [10]-
Fire Rune [7]-
Metered March [2]-
Close Quarters Targeting [3]-
Remove Unit [52]
Leonx Riders [40] 2x3
Aliana of Summersong [12]-
Bull Pennon [3]-
Metered March [2]-
Moment of Inspiration [5]-
Remove Unit [62]
Aymhelin Scions [14] 1x1
Remove Unit [14]
Deepwood Archers [17] 2x1
Fire Rune [7]-
Main damage dealers here are obvious, with 5 dice and 3 impact with every charge by Aliana and Ventala with their crazy shenanigans. Faolan is there to bring cats to charge more times, or save maegan from dire straits, archers to distract sbd or maybe to save faolan when needed from some small to medium attacker. 
Cats - well - I still have not decided whether I prefer to have greater impact or initiative 1 jump out. 
What would You change?
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changed idea

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So I really like this list, I have one that’s similar, but different.  It replaces Prince F. with Maegan and uses Prince F. as an upgrade to the Ventala.  It also assigns Hunter’s Guile to the Ventala and uses the Greenwatch Herald (in Deepwod Archers) to really expand the use of Overgrow.  With Metered March, it’s rolling 2 white dice at range with a re-roll.

How are you getting the Leonx down to Initiative 1?  I can see I2 with the Raven Tabards...

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thank you for your advice. I played list with 3 2 impact latari units and it worked really well. I hoped that charge 3 and 2 dice with 2-3 rerolls may lead to additional cards draw and add up to a nice choice, one turn after the other with faolan etharion

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