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New to the game - my solo play style

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I've read about the difficulties of playing the game with multiple players / characters.

Right off the bat, I would say any multiple player game play is really shoehorned to this concept. If you enjoy it in a group, good for you, but I could not see playing this in any other format than solo.

The number of characters I chose to play is 2. I felt one character, while it fits the system best, is still a bit limited experience. 

Now, I don't use activation tokens at all. Instead I play like this:

  • For a task, I choose available hero
  • If a task has secondary resolution like Athletics required after Dueling, it has to be naturally the same character
  • Any challenges that are clearly considering the whole group, such as running away from Goblins and suffering stamina, affects all characters individually

I find this quite working and balanced. With 3 or more characters playing like that I think the balance might shift towards too easy so 1 or 2 characters solo is definitely the sweet spot to experience Dragonholt.

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