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Seeking the Truth & Display of Power?

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Hello all, I am just trying to make sure I know what the timing is here?

Do you break before or after you trigger the Display of Power?  If its before you can't trigger Seeking the Truth to remove the defender but if its after the break you can.  

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Display of Power is played first.  From RRG pg 21 (or 23 if you want more detailed explanations) conflict resolution follows this flow:

3.2.3 Compare Skill Values - this is where winner is decided and then where Display of Power could be played if you lost and it was unopposed.

3.2.4 Apply Unopposed

3.2.5 Break Province

3.2.6 Resolve Ring effects - this is where Display of Power's delayed effects kick in and cancel the ring effect, allow you to resolve it instead, and then claim the ring.

3.2.7 Claim Ring (this is where the ring would normally be claimed by the winner)

3.2.8 Return Home

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