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Double-Tap Vennie

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3 hours ago, dadocollin said:

Anyone play their Vennie list against the dreaded 3xUpsilons yet? Just curious how it performs.  I would think Vennie would go down almost immediately, but that would allow your support ships to get behind the Ups.

I'm trying to come up with a list using the Starfortress to combat the 3Ups list. So far I have... Paige Tico and Veteran Turret Gunner.

3 StarFortresses with VTG sounds interesting. It gives them 5 dice vs the Ups' 4. Same number of greens and 2 more hit points but the dial is quite a bit worse - 3 banks are red and 3 turn isn't even an option.

With that being said I am tinkering with 2 StarFortresses and a support Talli. My problem is that I like all the abilities of every named StarFortress pilot so there are a bunch of options I can try and it gets confusing trying to focus on what I want to do with the different combos. It's like "Ooo Cat looks nice I could pair her with Edon who can give me a BUNCH of options for where the devices are dropped. But then Finch is like 'Hey, what about me, I can drop bombs wherever I want touching me!' and I'm like you're right Finch, plus you are a higher initiative which may help with the bomb drops for Cat, but you're more expensive and limit my device choices." Then Ben is like 'Pop Paige and VTG on me! That would be cool, right?" So I'm like, if I do that then maybe I want to take Conner Net and some Prox Mines to maybe maximize Ben's potential. Then Vennie is like 'Hey! This all started with me because I am more defensive oriented and that's what you want when going against 3Ups. Plus me and Talli kind of have a good thing going. How did you knock me out of my own list?!"

So... Paige and VTG and probably (maybe) Talli.


I just need to get to making these different lists and start playing them to see which ones I like the most.

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I flew this to top table at an 80 person hyperspace trial in the Uk. Lost in the end to Poe/Nien/Ello. 

The only other loss I had all weekend was against 5Y wings. Not sure that’s winnable? It’s a great list  very strong in a lot of matchups  

Vennie and the Jets

(62) Vennie [MG-100 StarFortress]
(8) Perceptive Copilot
(3) Seismic Charges
(5) Proton Bombs
(6) Veteran Turret Gunner
(7) Paige Tico
(10) Trajectory Simulator
(5) Pattern Analyzer
Points: 106

(38) L'ulo L'ampar [RZ-2 A-wing]
(1) Heroic
Points: 39

(48) Lieutenant Bastian [T-70 X-wing]
(7) M9-G8
(0) Integrated S-foils
Points: 55

Total points: 200

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