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Samuel Richard

The Bigger they are....

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Over the course of a campaign, the gm will throw harder things at the PCs to try and balance it out. Of course this is ffg star wars so unexpected triumphs will happen. Whats the biggest thing your PCs or yourself have taken down? My groups biggest kill is sending a Imperial Light Cruiser hurtling toward a AT-ST factory.


Edit: if someones killed a Asserter or Praetor and your the Dm, we mourn the PCs death when the imps send legions for revenge

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5 hours ago, Vader is Love said:

I have GMed a Force and destiny dark sider group, who executed a second Order 66, targeting the Inquisitorious. 

"You, my friend, are all that's left of their religion." 

"from a certain point of view"

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Not technically a kill, but they did manage to not have to fight a Jungle Rancor. I've told the story before, but it is so far my favorite story:

On the planet Teth, they hike through the jungle to the airfield and hear the loud stomps of a huge Jungle Rancor heading right towards them. They all hide in various places, each trying to just let the thing pass, except for the wookiee. The wookiee stands tall, drops his blaster, and stares the monster down.

As it grows near, he doesn't move. Everyone is horrified. He then, in a heroic act of defiance, draws a piece of meat? Okay, and he feeds it to the rancor, placating it slightly, but it's going to want more.

And so, while it's distracted, the wookiee reaches for his.... data pad? Well, that's cool, but the rancor is still- "I would like to teach it Adobe Illustrator."

He spends the next hour walking the Rancor, who is sitting down confused at this point, through how to use the basics of Illustrator. Time passes, and the thing finally gets up and wanders off.

I did not go easy on him on the rolls, and he managed to pass seven different rolls with like four different skills, and had some advantage on some of them. It is a weird and wacky story, but it is my favorite.

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