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High Ground: A Star Wars Legion podcast

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Welcome to the First Episode of High Ground: A Star Wars Legion podcast. for our very first episode, we're gonna be talking about the upcoming releases of Jyn Erso, Rebel pathfinders, Director Krennic and Death Troopers. We're also gonna have a look at the Corps at the core of our army, we're looking at how these general trooper units define the way we play.

We can be contacted on our discord at https://discord.gg/Hu4t3KK.
Our email is RenegadeFleetCommand@gmail.com
and our facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Rfleetcommand/
the podcast can be found on itunes by searching for Renegade Fleet Command in the podcast section or by going directly to our podcast page at http://renegadefleetcommand.libsyn.com/.


Hope you enjoy 

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 is this is this the same podcast as the Armada one that's been around for over a year? I'm subscribed to that and saw an episode come in yesterday. My Searcher could not find anything for high command that's related to Legion.


 the only hit I got the only hit I got for running a fleet command was the Armada feed.

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Hey Thraug 

Yeah we run the Armada podcast Renegade Fleet Command. We wanted to branch out and cover some legion stuff but didn't want to put out in the Armada podcast,  so instead we decided to run a second podcast from our current setup. That way you can choose to listen to the content that interests you. RFC will always remain as Armada content primarily and High Ground will be our legion content. Hope this helps


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