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Another check on rules

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Bit slow on here so I hope people dont mind me posting another rules query.


Played my second game in a week after playing Goblin Problem on Friday.


This time it was the easy mission with the cultists.

Did I read everything right, the boss activates pretty early but you dont have to kill her?  To win, you just have to explore the final location fully?

It seemed a little easy imo(easier that Goblin Problem) and I just upgraded the Exploration on one character and absolutely focused on exploring...while the other char killed things and aided the explorer char.

I managed to get enough success tokens on the peril tracker so nothing too nasty happened.



So, was that is, explore last location and you have won?



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2 hours ago, Budgernaut said:

Yes, you got it right. Strange, though, that you thought it was easier than The Goblin Problem. I lost my first attempt at A Foul Ritual, but never felt that I was in danger of losing against The Goblin Problem.

Thanks.  Just wanted to clarify.

I think I had a good combo and the Berzerker just kept rolling nicely and clearing engaged enemies while the healer (Elder Mok) was exploring for fun an healing the Berzerker which in turn put a heal on the Healer.


From memory, the last location was explored in 2 goes...a 5 and a 5.  That might have helped...got a vague memory of doing the same on the first location too.



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