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Seeking the Truth & Display of Power?

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Hello all, I was just wondering if this works as well as it seems to, in my head?

-Seeking the Truth
-Display of Power

You play the conflict like normal for Phoenix trying to spend fewer resources than your opponent, but you choose a defender while still having the option of using Display of Power which creates a mind game for your opponent, if he spends enough resources to break it, he doesn't tie up a defender giving me an attacker, and then he still loses the ring & it's trigger.  

All in all, this seems like a solid strategy to force your opponent to over commit, against this province allowing you to then take advantage of it, and even if you don't have a Display of Power, you have just knocked your opponent off of his game by creating a mind game that punishes him either way.  

Issues off the top of my head:
-Crane always drives you nuts with this style of play, as either Cautious Scout or Guest of Honor can screw you badly, as 1 would blank the province and the other prevents the Display of Power.  
-Counters: Forged Edict, Censure, Voice of Honor, are all annoying as **** but they always are to Display of Power.  

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The problem of Seeking the Truth is that it doesn't have an action that helps you defend. 3 Str is easy to break and 5 is easy to farm. If you commit a big enough body that he needs to spend to break, likely he won't on first attack and let your big guy bow. If you put a small one the investment isn't really steep and the on-break effect loses it's value. The other issue is that it can be flipped turn one, when you don't necessarily have a relevant body to defend. It's «good» if you are trying to race province breaks I guess. 


 Also wouldn't the triggers go: 

- Win Conflict
- Play Display
- Break Province
- Claim the Ring

If so it wouldn't work as your defender would still be in the conflict when DoP is played. 

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2 hours ago, Citadel97501 said:

Yeah Soshi, that is what I am confused about when does the Display trigger for it so I think I am going to need to ask in the Rules section.  

Answered in the rules forum, but the answer is that Display is weird.  It is played when its triggering condition occurs (ie when you lose the conflict) but its effects don't actually happen until a couple of steps later (when your opponent goes to resolve the ring effect).

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