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3D printed complete collection storage solution

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Hey guys! I've been working on a storage solution for the complete v2 collection (minus the conversion kit). I have (finally) finished all my boxes and uploaded everything to Thingiverse! Here is the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3351054
It is composed of four boxes:

  • The main box, containing everything to play against the application
  • The overlord box, containing everything to play against an Overlord
  • The quest and characters box, containing all the characters sheets, class decks, familiars and quests
  • The small tiles box, containing all the smaller tiles (end cap, extenders, etc...) and doors

Everything have been designed to reduce the setup time as much as possible. You basically put it on the table, open it, and it's playable. The instructions are included and everything should be fairly simple to print (as long as you have a large printer). Feel free to comment and ask me if you have any problem. Cheers!

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Looks great. It's a pitty I don't have a printer.


How did you customize the plastic pockets in the binder? Did you laminate the pockets into the sheet and cut a new opening?


I also have the parts sorted by the game aspects but not this organized.


With kind regards 

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I have just added a modified version of the main box body so you can print it with a smaller build volume (each part of the box is roughly 160*160mm). You can find it in the thing files, it's MainBox_Body_Back and MainBox_Body_Front. You'll NEED supports to print this version. If anyone tries to print it, I would love to get some feedback :)

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