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Galactic Conflict Episode 17 Grand Master Yik and the SSD

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Show Notes Episode 17 – Grand Master Yik

Welcome back to another episode of Galactic Conflict!  On today’s episode I have an interview with Yik, the runner up at last year’s Worlds and Canadian Nationals and recent Regional winner at FFG HQ.      This was recorded before Christmas and I finally got around to editing the episode.  I hope you enjoy!    

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Rated PG


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Glad to see you back, really enjoyed it.

I think theres plenty more material you could cover pre ssd. Like,

. If you arent running the ssd, how does its likely presence affect your fleet building, bid and objective selection? I think letting the ssd be second player may be a massive risk if its picked the right objectives. 


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Without knowing everything definitively  it is hard to speculate unfortunately.   I don't care for guessing...I don't mind talking about what's been spoiled but since we haven't confirmed yet if things like tua or motti or stuff like that can work on huge ships...it is not worth going down the rabbit hole too much. 


And yes I agree it is a strong 2nd player ship...although what would you take as a blue....first with its reach and gunnery teams is nuts. 


Thank you very much for the feedback though!!!  

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