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Looking for Star Wars communities in/around Cullman AL

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Closest to you is going to be The Comic Shop in Decatur on Wednesdays and non football season Saturdays (cuz you know, bama). It's mostly X-wing but me and a few others have armada, legion, and imperial assault to kick around also. Otherwise you have the deep on Tuesdays with mostly armada and x-wing, and lucky dice on sunday, which is pretty much all x-wing if anyone shows up. 

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Thank you all for the info.


So far I have visited and played Xwing three times at The Comic Shop on Saturdays/Wednesdays, and once at Deep Comics on Tuesday. 


Got to meet and chat with cool gamers about a fee of FFGs Star Wars games. I haven't heard alot about Armada in the area...some but not alot. 

If someone reaches out to me, we can make efforts to meet. First steps and all.





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