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Best Star Wars Quote for playing Armada?

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Dealing with a sick toddler so not much sleep. Just a bad head cold poor kido.

What is your favorite Star Wars Quote to say when playing Armada?


Still love saying you stand here amongst my Achivement not yours. Totally works when the dice betray you 😛

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"Call up a hammerhead, I have an idea."


Ive created a story where my fleet's crews are all the weird people that didnt quite fit, but they are too valuable to get rid of, so they put them together... and the following has been said before.

"There is some ******* bridge ensign shouting: SIR, WE DID THE THING!

Ship commander is like: Brilliant, shots for everyone when we are done here.

Weapons Officer: "SHOTS INCOMING SIR"

SC: "Yes, I said... OH **** BRACE!"


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When the other guy clearly outfoxes me and I don't want to sound too disappointed:
"Impressive. Most impressive." (Confident, low voice is mandatory.)

Often, about mid game, when I'm flying a Liberty:
"The damage doesn't looks so bad from out here."
or "Engage those Star Destroyers at point blank range and we'll try to take a few of them with us."

With the current squadron meta:
"TIE fighters (& defenders, & lambdas, & decimators) coming in.... There's too many of them."


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Various Star Wars lines I quote in armada .

"Han will have that shield down.. we've got to give him more time." 

"Take offensive formations " 

"Rear shields down!  Aghhh!"

"Do it..."

"All batteries fire! Fire!"

"There's always a bigger fish" (looking at you mon cals)

"Target maximum firepower "

"Hit the target dead center, as many runs as we can get"

"At that close range we won't last long against those star destroyers"

"All fighters on me"



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