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I'm sure I remember seeing something like this before, but I couldn't find it,

So, here's my own, included are:

  • Clan Mon for all of the clans that seem to be playable right now,
  • Dice Symbols,
  • Talent Symbols,
  • Ring Mon
  • And a couple of miscellaneous symbols

You'll need to paste the symbols in from the character map or similar,


Have fun,


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In case anybody needs to know, here are the Unicode values of each of the characters in the font:

        Kiho: U+E900;
        Maho: U+E901;
        Ninjitsu: U+E902;
        Prerequisite Exemption: U+E903;
        Rituals: U+E904;
        Shuji; U+E905;
        Invocations: U+E906;
        Kata: U+E907;
        Fire: U+E908;
        Void: U+E909;
        Water: U+E90A;
        Air: U+E90B;
        Earth: U+E90C;
        Imperial: U+E90D;
        Lion: U+E90E;
        Mantis: U+E90F;
        Phoenix: U+E910;
        Scorpion: U+E911;
        Tortoise: U+E912;
        Unicorn: U+E913;
        Crab: U+E914;
        Crane: U+E915;
        Dragon: U+E916;
        Bushi: U+E917;
        Courtier: U+E918;
        Shugenja: U+E919;
        Opportunity: U+E91A;
        Strife: U+E91B;
        Success: U+E91C;
        Explosive Success: U+E91D;


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For those of you using a Mac, turn on Unicode input through the keyboard preferences.  Switch your keyboard to Unicode input, the hold down "Option" and continue holding it down while hitting E900, E91A, etc. for whatever symbol you want.  You need to make sure the selected font is the L5R-Icons font downloaded above from the original post.  Note that you don't need to hit Shift-E, etc., just "e" and it will work.  Message me if you are having issues and I'll try to help.

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