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GODZILLA!! In Genesys?

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With the conclusion of the Netflix Godzilla series recently released, and a major upcoming movie this year, I thought now would be a great time to bring up the idea of a Godzilla setting in Genesys! Has anyone else tried their hand at this?

I've thought of three possible ways to handle a Godzilla campaign. First, and probably easiest, would be to have a party of normal people living in a world where kaiju exist, and the players have to find a way to survive, or even a way to defeat the monster. Very much in line with the original Godzilla, Return of Godzilla, the 1998 American Godzilla, and Shin Godzilla. 

The second method is similar, with a party of normal humans. However, it involves having a "good" giant monster on their side, and the humans helping the "good" kaiju defeat a major threat. This is more in line with much of the Showa-era movies, the 1999 Godzilla animated series, and to an extent, the 2014 Legendary film. 

The third option, easily the most difficult to execute, but probably also the most fun , would be to allow the players to play as kaiju themselves. This would require coming up with special rules for kaiju creation, and rules for how kaiju interact with their environment. (I'm thinking much like how we currently have personal and vehicle scale, a third option of 'kaiju scale' could be introduced, seeing how kaiju tend to be considerably larger and stronger than typical vehicles.)

So far, I only have a few rough ideas on paper for option 3, but I have run a one-off game of both options 1&2. I didn't bother to stat out the kaiju either time, and instead just used them narratively, with the players seldom interacting with the kaiju directly. It worked fairly well for the two games, and I feel could work fine for even a short campaign.

So, what are your thoughts? Is there any interest out there for fleshing out in something like this? 

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he'd be sil 4-5, scathing tirade and all it's upgrades for his roar, indomitable, adversary 5+, ignore difficult terrain. I'd use magic Attack action and build a spell as his breath weapon.

Then i'd build Mechagodzilla, bc I pretty much already have.

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