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Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

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Its looking like its going to be another cold week here on Mygeeto, but you don't really care its Election time! Every cycle here on Mygeeto the Elections have become Increasingly intense as the 2 major partys, The Radical Rancor's and the Dastardly Dewback's, battle for power in the Galactic senate. Last year the Local Legislature passed a bill to Streamline the Process! the bill is quiet complicated but basically it allows the Party's to Execute Each other until there is only One party left to vote for, Brilliant isn't it! It also has the Bonus effect of making sure the Annoying politicians no one likes Never run for office again!

This game will Feature 2 Equal teams and no night kills (or so you have been told...)** the goal is to eliminate everyone on the opposing team so that your Party is the last one Remaining, standard lynch rules apply. both parties will have a number of special power rules to assist them in their efforts at political domination. this game needs a minimal of 9 players, and I will begin the game if we reach 11 players.


Sign up today and Bring Glory and Power to your Party!


**Hint: there will be night kills

Currently Signed up:




@Constantine Valdor

@The Jabbawookie




@Lord PreyerPreyer



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im still figuring out all of the power roles, but I am debating on weather or not it should be an open setup or not. when you sign up cast a Vote for ##vote for open, or ##vote for closed

Open means all roles will be posted here so everyone knows them

closed means all roles are hidden


Current vote count: 

Open: 2


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