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They're up!!!

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Sweet. Highlights as I read 'em:

Named B-Wings are both sub 50 points with Braylen a little higher. As it should be given that Braylen's ability is the more versatile, and both were hard to get in a list and justify their presence even at 50. 

Sabine up to 42. Makes sense. She was so, so good for those 38 points. 

A-Wings are cheaper, as we all knew they would be after the RZ-2. And they have double talent slots!!! Thank you based FFG.

T-65 is absolutely untouched. Very interesting. But probably not unexpected. Wedge still an excellent value I6. 

More to come...



Oh wow! R2 astromech down to 4 points and R2-D2 down to 6. They're actually tempting options now..


Holy cow! So long Supernatural Luke. You were fun while you lasted but daaaaaammmmmnnnn, you are not worth 86 points...

Proton torpedoes only up to 12. Pretty much bang on what I expected and probably fair enough, IMO.


Good lord. Slave 1 down to just 2 points. Presumably that's partly to reflect that the only worthwhile torpedo to put in the slot it gave you has gone up to 12. Marauder up to 6, as it should be given it's easily the best title. 

Guess we might actually see Boba in his own ship now.

Also suck it Han Gunner, all the way up to 12. 


5. Storm. Squadron. Aces.

Vader now only a hair more expensivethan Luke too. I had a feeling the T/Ax1 was going to be most generously served in these changes because it was in real trouble. FFG absolutely want Darth Vader to be on the board flying his ship in time for Hyperspace season. 

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