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Watercolour Dragon

Could Runewars be revived in a clever way?

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The new 'LOTR Journeys...' game and some other thinking and reflecting led to a bit of an idea, what if FFG rethought the games from the ground (map tiles) up, could they do something epic with some of the games making use of where Runewars, BattleLore and Descent overlap (it could even work for the maps aspect of Runebound too)...




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Runewars second edition, sure. if ffg would be able to make games. but  all they can do are flops and high financial losses. and of course everything else is guilty, but not the bad gamerules themselves.

Runewars as the strategy campaign for the tabletop, of course, but the tabletop also flopped because of the also overloaden rules. too much things to do that are no fun and soil all energy immediately.


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