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Mists od Bilehall - questions about rules

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Mists of Bilehall - quest: Troubled water.
I've got a question about rules.
When white portal is active OL can give conditions to heroes. Can he give contitions only to hero who is in portal part of board? Or everywhere on board?
If everywhere - whel OL have enougn souls near white portal, he can give evety round immobilize to all heroes. In effect they cant close any portal and game has no sens.

What do you thing? 

(sorry for my english ;) )

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My rulebook (English version) says “The overlord chooses a number of heroes *on this tile* up to the number of monsters on this tile. Each chosen hero suffers 1 condition of the Overlord’s choice.” [emphasis mine]

So it would only be heroes on the tile with the white portal, yes.

So your second scenario shouldn’t really be a problem.

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