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Austin, TX - Star Wars Armada Regional - February 16, 2019 - Dragon's Lair

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Join us to command your fleets in an epic battle of massive ships! Star Wars Armada allows you to take charge of the largest forces in the Star Wars universes: the fleets of the Empire and Rebellion. At our Regionals Event, you'll have the chance to pit your skills against the best Admirals the Galactic Imperium and Rebel Alliance have to offer. This event is a great opportunity for you to fit in three action-packed Armada games while you demonstrate just how well you can fly!


  • This regionals event will be held at Dragon's Lair Austin (2438 W Anderson Ln B1, Austin, TX 78757, USA) on February 16, 2019.
  • Registration will open at 11 AM and the first round will begin at 12 PM (noon). There will be a 45 minute lunch break between the first and second round.
  • Standard 400 point format (bring at least two copies of your list, one of which should have your objectives to be given to the TO)
  • This Regionals event is a Formal tier FFG event.
  • $20 entry fee.
  • 24 player maximum. Pre-registration online will be posted on January 28, 2019 on the Dragon's Lair Website. A link will be posted to this event and an announcement made.
  • FFG 2018-2019 Regionals Kit offered as prize support. In addition, all entrants will be entered into a random raffle for an Imperial Super Star Destroyer to be received when it is released (if it hasn't been by 2/16/19).


Note: Lunch will not be provided but there are a variety of excellent restaurants in the immediate area. If you have any questions or would like suggestions, post to the event and a local should be able to help you out.

The Facebook event is located below and will be your most up-to-date resource for event notifications. You will need to apply to join our private group, Austin Fleet Command, in order to see the event. I'll also be updating this thread, so it's not necessary to join.


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