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Final Fantasy Ivalice

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*Final Fantasy prelude music*

The world is veiled in darkness. The wind stops, the sea is wild, and the earth begins to rot. The people wait, their only hope a prophecy...

"When the world is in darkness, an author will come..."



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Hello, folks! This has been a long time coming. I've been working on this since before Terrinoth dropped, but the example set by the first Genesys setting book gave me a lot of... yeah, let's call it "inspiration".

This is really intended as a general-purpose Final Fantasy setting, but since (for the sake of my sanity) that has to be based off of a particular world, I decided to go with Ivalice, with its numerous nonhuman species and appearance in multiple game series. It should be relatively portable, though you'll have to remove the k from the word "magick" a lot. Sorry, that's just how the setting is.

I took an inclusive rather than exclusive view of content from other FF games -- for example, I attached the Feymarch to Ivalice, even though it's never mentioned explicitly. (We do see the traditional summons like Ifrit and Leviathan show up in FFTA2, though, and some of the lore entries in FFXII vaguely mention an "Otherworld" full of "demons".)

I know there's a lot to go through here (I sooo did not expect this to turn into a 170-page book) so if you want to jump straight into the major changes from Genesys proper, check out these parts:

    Chapter 3: Mortal Races of Ivalice
    Chapter 5: Limit Breaks (While this borrows heavily from Terrinoth, there are a number of unique elements, so don't assume you've seen it all before.)
    Chapter 6: New Game Rules
    Chapter 7: Setting Skills (Especially the Magic Skills)
    Chapter 12: Magick (Especially Summoning)

Summoning in particular needs some attention. Let me know if that section doesn't explain itself clearly enough -- the way it works is a little weird and I want to see if folks get it just based on the text before I start explaining myself. It's going to be powerful, and that's intentional, but I hope I've put enough limitations in place to keep it balanced with other options. While I playtested the system in a one-shot adventure and it seemed fine, I'd be especially appreciative of a wider perspective if anyone happens to get this on the table for a long-form campaign.

And, of course, please call out any errors or formatting issues you see so I can correct them. Over the course of... uh... 54,000 words (God almighty...) I'm sure I've made some kind of mistakes.

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Very nice work!  I have been toying with a Final Fantasy game myself, and I'll probably just use the parts of yours that I need and tweak a few things.

Maybe I missed it but it but I don't see a skill for firing airship guns.  Default vehicle rules in Genesys use Gunnery but that doesn't seem to be in your skill list.

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That's correct. Per the standard Fantasy setting rules, Gunnery is not used in this setting, so any Gunnery-based attacks would be handled by Ranged. There's just not enough heavy weapons in the setting to justify making people buy a whole other skill for it.

I'll add a note to that effect.

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Version 1.0.2

  • Changed qualities of the Gun from Limited Ammo 1, Prepare 1 to Prepare 2 based on Sam Stewart's clarification that weapons must be Prepared before each attack unless otherwise noted.
  • Added Prepare to the weapon qualities list to note this clarification.

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