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Genesys Monster Manual

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Newish to the Genesys community here. Lots of great content and resources. Just wanting to know if anyone has made a "monster manual" of the official and good community created content. I've seen the adversaries anthology, which is awesome, and I would love a resource for that that includes community content as well. Maybe something that you could split up by genre (i.e. look in this section for fantasy monsters, here for sci-fi). Not yet sure how it could be done or maintained but wanted to get your guys thoughts on the matter and if there was any interest in something like this. 

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So far as i have seen "monster manuals"  been done a few for the fantasy settings.

I did a take on the beast not cowered in ROT but from the decent and runewars setting.  


I haven't added this to the resource page yet will soon. 

You mention the adversary anthology wich is a great ressource also list all the monster abilities in the back so its really easy to put together some critters of your own. 

This one is also a great resource.  


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