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I won my first game of Eldritch Horror!

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Woot, I know there are people with 100s of games under there belt, but I won my first game of Eldritch Horror!

To start out I had the following investigators --  Akachi Onyele, Diana Stanley, Jim Culver, and Mark Harrigan.   In the first round I got very very lucky, as Mark went to get a clue, and had a encounter were he earned a artifact weapon, and earned Sword of Saint Jerome, which I quickly learned make Harrigan a killing machine.  Diana Stanley was able to do get some expedition before the mythos cards and rumors started to really cause problems, and Akachi was my gate closer.

the first mystery was to kill a great beast (Tulzscha), which Mark promptly did.  I didn't know how to use Jim really, the 2nd mystery required clues, so I had Diana move quickly as she can to pick up some clues, Mark was killing things, and Akachi was closing gates, and we solved the 2nd mystery.  By then the mythos cards were really causing issues and we were getting a lot of gates.  Jim went insane trying to clear out the mess that was San Fran, and Norman replaced him.  Luckily the third mystery card was rather easy (just sacrificing research clues to solve it.)  and Mark took out the Tick Tock Men.  We solved the third mystery with the doom track on 5.   

Cheers to my first victory.   Sorry Jim, I totally misused you.    I ended up being very lucky getting a one man killing machine so early.

Game was with core and Forbidden Lore.  

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