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A Muse N Games

Winnipeg Manitoba 2018-2019 Regional 01.26.19

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Hi All, 

Just a friendly reminder that the Winnipeg Manitoba Regional is coming up this weekend. 

Online registration will be available through end of day Friday, or until the event sells out:



A Muse N Games
1783 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3J 0E8

On Site Checkin begins: 11am 
Player Meeting: 11:45am 
First Round Pairings: 11:55am 
First Round begins: Noon 
Event will consist of 4  65 minute Swiss rounds. 
12 or fewer players will feature a top 4. 
13 or more players will feature a top 8. 
Top 8 & Top 4 Rounds will be 65 Minutes. 
Finals will have a 105 minute time limit.

Army Lists are required. We encourage electronic submission of squad lists to info@amusengames.ca. 
Information required from an Army List is located here: 
https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/7a/7e/7a7ecd1c-1faf-4d15-8a39-c39cd7eb4600/imperial-assault-squadsheet.pdf Players can request a printed copy of their submitted Army List. 
Paper will be available for players wishing to submit hand written Army Lists. Illegible Army lists will be rejected. Army Lists must be presented before a player can join the player meeting.

A Minimum of 9 Players is required to be able to award the bye for the National Championships.

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