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"This option has been a widely requested feature"

Yeah, like it was expected from the beginning, as a core concept of the game

"and I’m happy to provide it to you"

... after my dear Editor which I have a contract with, lashed at me for the poor performance of my game and the avalanche of bad reviews.


"Although many groups will undoubtedly prefer the game’s original rules, this variant is ideal for groups that want a team-oriented experience. It works great with new players, families, or just about anyone who likes cooperative games. "

Translated by " you, ignorants, don't understand the superiority of my original design, here take that hasty build rules fix else I might lose my contract with this editor.


This will at best made people who regret having bought this not regret it so much anymore. I hardly see how this will make sales after the failure this game made. When most board game reviewers on youtube took the time to bash this game, it means it has serious issues anyway. The market is filled to the brim with better ones.


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I actually liked the game.  Like @player1329291 said, it was never an issue for me, but I too feel like the amount of content was lacking.   I would rather have paid more for the game and get ALL terrain types and characters with a campaign for each terrain.  I don't really care that this game is Unique.  I mostly play solo and couldn't care less that some other person in the world has a copy that is different than mine.  For me, an even better idea would have been to make the campaign/story vary somewhat so that it is different each time you play.  As for now, I'm looking on eBay for inexpensive used copies with the specific terrain types that I want.

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I like the idea of a unique game, but this didn't really bring it.
You get a random set of characters, but that isn't unique. A lot of people will have the same set of characters.

Terrain is ok, but again there are people who share it.

And then the assortment of cards. Some have duplicates that don't do anything, others are just missing stuff.

I would prefer if it was a system and they just released multiple terrain boxes. Each has their own set of characters and quests, etc.

But I do want a real unique game where there is actually interesting and unique differences.

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