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Descent Custom Items Expansion. (Currently 158 items)

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On 2/4/2020 at 6:41 AM, Karrig said:

Hello again,

Thank you these backs !

The last thing I'll need is the condition cards back, do you also have this .png ?


If not, I think I'll go for the front on both sides and it will be okay !


Thank you again for your help !


Bye !

I can make them.  It is just going to take some time. Your choice.

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I have created card backs for the Condition cards.  I should point out that the artwork for Bleeding is blurry.  I simply don't have a better image at this time.  I will work on it.  The rest are pretty good.  I hope this works for you.  You can find them all here:

D2e Card Backs

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