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Beorn and objective attachments

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So I just finished the three quests in the Voice of Isengard using the "bear on a boat" deck from ringsdb.

Beorn hero says he cannot have attachments.   For the quests "to catch an orc" and "into fangorn" you have Mugash the orc as an objective. Once I cleared the encounter I attached him to Beorn for both quests....is this allowed? The objective card is not labeled as an attachment even though you are attaching so I figured it was ok.

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This is what I found in the FAQ, section 1.23 (attachments):

Any objective card that attaches to another card is
treated as an attachment in addition to its other card
Any non-objective card that attaches to another card
loses its original card type and gains the attachment
card type.
The “Attach to...” rules text on an attachment is only a
play restriction, and is not taken into account after the
card is already attached.
So no, you cannot attach Mugash to Beorn. Hope that helps! :)

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ah! Thanks for the response. I didn't attach any of the keys to him in the three trials....maybe i'll go back through the other quests.

Seriously though, what better way to keep an orc in line that put him with a bear!

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