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Don't think, just play! Team Epic 2.0!

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Played epic. How we played?

Teamplay 800p - Each player having 400p

Limited to 3 of same ship and only generic pilots (only 1 pilot with highest initive, others low at initiative 1-2) for each player - yes okay to have 6 gunboats on each team
Limited to 3 of same upgradecard (could only have 3 protontorpedo).

Naked free of charge Epicship:
1. Energy was used to either recover shield (spend 2 energy to recover 2 shields) or use ships ability, like attack with 2nd primary when using Raider.)
2. Reinforce same as 2.0. Since huge ship has a blue line it's easy to judge zone - check reinforce in Coreset rules or Rules Reference Guide.)
3. Coordinate and lock, same as in 2.0.

Initive was switched each turn. So both team has a chance to move first and last.

Next time:
Huge ship is still free because there's no offical rule on how many points a huge ship has. Huge ship can use 2nd weapon; cannon, missile or torpedoes. You can perform 1 attack from aft and 1 attack from fore. 

Initive will still switch each turn. But each team move 1 ship at a time, instead of all ships, like chess.

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