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New Video Series Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

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Starting a new video series since I'm done with the Vassal ones. Called "Star Wars Armada Explained" and it will go over card by card how things work. Meant for new players to understand what a card does. For the ones that require more in-depth detail or explanation, I'll be sure invite or ask others for assistance. 

You can see the official youtube channel here - https://www.youtube.com/c/SWAEStarWarsArmadaExplained

Please know, that my explanations are not based on how "I" feel a card works (unless I state that) but to show credibility, I ensure I'm conversing with persons that have TO'd at regionals, nationals, or worlds for Star Wars Armada. The card or rule explanations, are not officially supported by FFG,

These are rulings by human beings working with what we're currently given by FFG. FFG can (and likely will) make changes or clarifications that will either coincide or invalidate what is said.

All videos will be kept up to date as reasonably possible.

Feel free to post and ask for requests!

If you DO see anything in error or wrong in the videos, please be sure to PM me or comment on the video itself so I can fix it, thank you.

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Star Wars Armada explained How-to use Weapons Team/Offensive Retrofit "Darth Vader (Boarding Team)"
This is a longer video (at 10 minutes) due to some complicated issues this upgrade can have when interacting with other cards



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