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If FFG won't tell us, we'll make it up!

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I'm so so so tired of waiting for the GotR article... I also really want to know Plo's pilot ability. I'd kindof like to see it buff Clones if he's flying with them, so maybe play off Devoted? And it can still help him, since he's an ace. So maybe:

During the end phase, you may spend one Force Charge to remove one stress token from a friendly ship at range 0-2.


Basically, if a Devoted Clone helps him out, he can repay the favor, but he can also use it for himself. Idk about the timing, but I figured this would allow him to use it even if he'd already used all of his Force charges for the round, because he recovers one first. The obvious drawback is that he then would have no force charges for the next turn.

I've probably given people crap before for wild speculation, but maybe this will help summon the GotR article ;-;

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