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Rules changes killing me

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19 hours ago, Lokekar said:

I find the thread less disturbing since I work from the assumption it was done for attention, which means the OP is getting exactly that. *Shrug*

Sounds about right. He came on the internet to complain hoping he would get sympathy over something he wasn’t guaranteed.

But don’t forget sever delusions. Fake agrees when no one shows him sympathy and changes subject and claims the game was working perfectly despite it only being three months old, Richard Garfield stating a card got printed with extra text and didn’t work as he intended, and the many post on these very forums by many people stating uncertainty about certain card interaction. Then the OP lets us know he still right all along cause no one could change his mind and he infact is certain he changed some peoples minds despite same said people blatantly stating they don’t agree with him.

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On 1/21/2019 at 2:23 AM, Doyouevenforgebro said:

I also feel like I changed some peoples perspective, as I came back with the wicked retorts they had no responses for

Poor lad. People are just ignoring you. 

If I’ve got to vote between caring about you making less profit (but still a tidy sum) or my $20 investment being part of a better functioning game... well, you’ll not get my vote... do you really think there’d be more anger because a game breaking mechanic was allowed to continue or because those paying/making foolish amounts of money from the that flaw saw their unwise investment cheapened?

Sure, appeal to emotion... just think your argument through a bit. 

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