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X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)

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When your weapons failure TIE fighter takes a potshot at that unshielded focused RZ2 hiding behind a rock at range 3.

Your TIE fighter rolls a crit. RZ-2 rolls 5 blanks on defense. Heroic into 5 blanks again. Crit is a direct hit. A-Wing is dead.

And you calculate the odds of that kill and find that they're 0.0000009...


(example credit to @Wiredin)

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I've finally been playing games after a long time in quarantine. It's good to be playing again. Enjoy some Gifs and stay healthy.


40.  Having your Bro call you up for a game after your state opens back up from quarantine

You Son Of A Bitch GIFs | Tenor

41. Brushing back up on rules and lists after about 3 months of no X-wing at all

2001 Apes GIF | Gfycat

42. Remembering where you left all of your stuff and then getting your gear set for the game

That Fu*king Nobody Is John Wick, Baba Yaga - Epic Scene GIF | Gfycat

43. Remembering just how much information needs to be tracked and processed during a game of
X-wing between two players who both hate to lose

This gif of Thranduil just broke me, I think. #intenseeyebrows ...

44. Getting excited for X-wing again (including the new points update!) and then having FFG remind you of the exact nature of the relationship…

Best Turkish Ice Cream GIFs | Gfycat

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