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What do you want to see in the next Rulebook?

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4 hours ago, DacoTrilar said:

Brad ended up giving an answer to this in Discord yesterday:

So, now it's been ruled on :)

So, to be clear, this is how it works:
1) Dust Imp with Biomatrix Backup dies with two Destroyed effects that could trigger
2) Since there's a timing conflict, the active player chooses one of them to trigger and fully resolve first
3a) If the active player chooses the "gain 2 aember" effect, then after that resolves the other Destroyed effect triggers and the Dust Imp is archived
3b) If the active player chooses the "archive this creature" effect, then that moves Dust Imp into an out-of-zone area. At this point, the "gain 2 aember" effect can't trigger because the card isn't in-play anymore.

Good enough for me. Thanks.

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1 hour ago, noxeor said:

Let me preface this with saying I totally agree, but to be fair, Magic has had 25 years to work on these things... It wasn't nearly as pretty at the beginning.

That also means FFG had 25+ years of card game "dos and don'ts" to learn from, but they chose not to.  

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