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Roadmap 2019 - FFG where do you go?

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No worries,

this is not going to be one of the moaning threats.

I just had a chance to take a look at the owners of FFG and checked out their corporate website.

Asmodee provides a map which includes all of their sub studios.


(status 13.01.2019)

Guess what? FFG is not part of it (???!!!???)

You might say, yes ... you are blind... there is... ah... something called :


If you klick on this page, it seems to me something completely independent from what we know is FFG.

It contains only 1 game which is the recently announced digital version of this Lord of the Rings game.

I let you do the math.

While we are wondering about the fate of a game (Armada) played on deck 2 of this ship called FFG, the captain left the ship it seems the whole ship is going to an uncertain direction.



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A Poetic Eulogoy.

While it lasted, it was good,

You had a mighty run

But now you're pale and cold and dead

Thanks for all the fun (you dirty sob's that never finished our Armada game, frekkin' degenerates and ingrates, the whole lot of you)

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6 minutes ago, medaloffairness said:


no moaning, really. I love Armada and what FFG has done in the past. It enriched the whole industry.

Just being curious, why a company would` not list all their studios, but rather create an entire independent website.

Obviously, because they hate their player/fan base. Duh.

BTW, Medaloffairness, I'm not teasing you. I'm teasing all the drama of people who like to declare "FFG hates us"

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2 minutes ago, medaloffairness said:

Well, this applies also to many other studios on this map and they are mentioned seperatly.
Looking at their hiring mood at former FFG HQ makes me confident that the show (somehow) will go on.

If you look closely there is a tax story in there. Catan studios was aquired too recently for a complete takeover to be managed smoothly. So if you ignore that, overwhelmingly the subsiduries are in Europe where the tax rules differ and Asmodee NA unsuprisingly doesnt want to join the companies and have to jump the trade rules that entails.

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Looks like they've just missed it from the map. Helpfully it's the first studio listed below the map, so they haven't forgotten about it. Not all the other studios are listed on the map either.

Fantasy Flight Interactive is the independent digital studio set up iirc by FFG, but not strictly part of them. It does all their computery stuff. As the map shows, it is based in Wisconsin, not Minnesota.

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...Umm, what are you going on about?

FFG's on the map, the pointer just gets covered by the blue pointer for Asmodee North America because they're in the same place.  If you click on the "Studios" tab you'll see it.

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