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Hey all!

So one of the pbp's I've been running sadly went under, but the advantage of that is that it frees up some time to test out some new story concepts I'm throwing around! The current ideas I'm working on are below: 

  1. Mandalorian wars from the side of the mandalorians (lots of combat, bit darker compared to the other two I'm running, old school mandalorians). 
  2. A group of padawans trying to survive the imperial reign and hunt for force users, starting with Order 66 (trying to balance avoiding the inquisitors while still acting as jedi, or giving up on the code to survive). 
  3. Team of bounty hunters taking part in 'the Great Hunt' to make their name as living legends (could be any era, but would focus specifically on being bounty hunters, battling against other hunters will treading around the law). 
  4. Race team during the imperial era (less combat focused and more around trying to become legends on the race circuits of the galaxy. Lots of different options for character types beyond pilots such as mechanics, managers etc. Probably will see some shady dealing with things like fixed races and so on). 

I am currently leaning towards the Order 66 idea, but I am putting these all out there to see which get the most interest. 

As promised, @Edgehawk, @Shlambate and @SithArissa will get priority on recruitment due to being part of the failed campaign, but all are welcome to apply!

If you are interested in a pbp and any of these ideas take your fancy, please send me a message or leave a post, and I'll see what I can do! :)

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Racers would be fun because it is not an often used part of the game.  After that I would say bounty hunters with different specialties working together to take down big targets would be fun as like racers there are often bounty hunters in games but actual bounty hunting is rare.

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@player3333902, @TheShard, @Tramp Graphics and @Jawa4thewin, there is also room all for you here. 

Now unfortunately not everyone will be able to get their first choice for the setting, so I have gone over everyone's preference to try and organise the preferences so that everyone should be happy. 

  1. Order 66 came in first place. To go into this in a little more detail, my idea for this would have the party start quite literally during the start of Order 66. The padawans would have to flee from the attacks, and either try to get off world or go to ground. Long terms the padawans would have to balance the adventure between a number of goals and considerations, such as fighting back against the empire, finding and saving any remaining jedi (or giving up on the order altogether with its fall), avoiding the hunters after them and generally surviving. 
  2. The Race Circuit came in a very close second, so I will give you guys a bit more info on that as well. I figured that this would start in the Corellia sector with a group of friends/colleagues looking to put together a racing team. It would be for the crew to decide what racing profession they want to start with (swoops, airspeeders, maybe starships for something more long distance etc), but you guys would have the potential to collect other vehicles to take part in other events. If you wanted there could easily be more than one pilot, but a race crew needs plenty of other people to make things run. Mechanics, managers, security, co-pilots, all very important, and that's assuming you're racing cleanly. You guys may want (or be coerced) into the dirtier side of racing. Cheating, rigging races, 'dealing' with competition are all things that can happen.
  3. The Great Hunt came in a little behind the other two.
  4. And finally the Mandalorian War came in 4th place. 

Now because The Race Circuit and Order 66 came in very close, I am going to ask for your guys to do a quick re-vote on these two. I'm hoping this way everyone will be happy and have a chance to play a setting they'll enjoy. One vote please for this one. 

So @Edgehawk, @Shlambate, @SithArissa, @kaosoe, @vandarl, @Jonas Shaaf, @player3333902, @TheShard, @Tramp Graphics and @Jawa4thewin, what do you want to do?

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